We have moved!

We are moving over to a new website! Nevertold no longer sells caskets (like that really happened often anyway), but we continue to carry unusual antiques and odd things that will sometimes gross people out. Visit us!


Stay weird.


What are you doing about that hole in your head?

Feeling abnormal, out of sorts, maybe a little crazy in the head? We have just the 1800’s medical device for you! Behold, an actual trepanation drill used to treat mental patients. Trepanation is a surgical invention in which a hole is drilled or scraped into the human skull, exposing the dura mater to treat health problems related to intracranial diseases. In ancient times, holes were drilled into a person who was behaving in what was considered an abnormal way to let out what they believed were evil spirits.

Evidence of trepanation has even been found in prehistoric human remains from Neolithic times onward. Cave paintings indicate that people believed the practice would cure epileptic seizures, migraines, and mental disorders. The more you know..


Did you know that yesterday was National German Chocolate Cake Day? We did, and even celebrated.. albeit with this non German Chocolate Cake (the store seemed to be fresh out). Regardless, every day you’re not dead when you wake up is a reason to celebrate in our book. So bust out the gimp mask, and get that snazzy dress you’ve been pining over, or that weird carousel horse you just can’t get out of your mind.. and have a Happy Day, on behalf of us here at Nevertold.

Odd Fellows Mask

Nevertold is building up a beautiful collection to present in our online store, coming the end of June! Meanwhile we give you a preview of our offerings of obscure, dark, and unusual antiques for sale. Here we present a beautiful late 1800’s Odd Fellows ritual mask. Worn by fraternity members many late nights in the lodge, it remains surrounded by mysteries not yet decoded. Most likely our model, Alexandra, is the first woman to wear this mask.

Photographer – Nima Forghani
Model – Alexandra Sullivan


The store is emptied, goodbyes have been said, and we are ready for new chapters. Tiffany shall be continuing Nevertold online so keep watching! Jack is departing and we wish him all the best in his future endeavors.

The long funeral..

The perpetual wake finally comes to its end. It’s time to drive the nails and close up the casket on the beautiful corpse of Nevertold. Hold dear your post-mortem photos of what was and say goodbye for the last time. There are not words for how special a place Nevertold was to us and I know to some of you… But now we try to eulogize at the graveside. Nevertold was about stories. Your stories and ours and those of people we had never met. It was about the talismanic magic of objects owned and loved and used to make a life worth living. Nevertold allowed us to come together over the commonality of death and the unknown and to expound across the counter as only the strangest of strangers and the loveliest of lovers can. Like all others we exist in a fleeting blink of an eye and persist only in the memories of those we have touched. We will miss all of you and be missed by as many. Come and bear the pall, take us to the green grass of home, lower the casket and throw your handful of dirt. Gone but never forgotten…

Image may contain: 1 person, indoor

Today we must mourn the mourners and celebrate the passing of something bigger than the sum of its parts. Yes, it is with bittersweet sadness that we announce today, the closing of this chapter of one of the most ambitious art projects we have ever undertaken; Nevertold. Bitter because we love what we do and we have loved supporting a vibrant community of strangers, creeps, collectors and lovers of death. Sweet because we will have time once again to pursue the other avenues of art that we’ve so sorely missed by putting all of our time and energy into this one project. It’s been an amazing time getting to know all of you, sharing our love of this strange and limitless world of the macabre and the unknown. We leave now to go and further explore that limitless world and we hope that you all will too.

Nevertold will close its storefront April 30th, 2017 forever. Until then, we will be making deals and having flash sales. As they say, Everything must go! And so too must Nevertold and ultimately you and I. But remember, whatever mark you make in this wonderful life, no matter how small is a mark made forever. We hope our small mark on this great big world meant something to you and that you’ll go forward as we will, marking this existence with Friendship, Love and Truth. Stay curious. Death is not the end…

Party Like You’re Dead

Our cauldron is hot and we’re brewing some Halloween magic for the community! Communion trays overflowing with absinthe, music, wine, prank calls to the spirit world via ouija board, delicious snacks, a seance, and reminders of death’s ever present shadow are all going to be a part of this wonderful evening. We’ll be holding a costume contest with Nevertold prizes for the winners, so dress to impress! Bring your friends, loved ones, and any spirits that may be following you around.

Friday, October 28th from 7-10pm.



Ouija Night

This Saturday join us at Nevertold for the first in our series of spooky readings with talented writers! The séance is upon us! We’ll attempt to channel the spirits of the dead writers we admire while hearing the latest readings of some of the most talented writers working today. Ouija board, Ouija board, will you work for us? Come and be part of the fun, get spooked with classic séance shenanigans and enjoy an afterworld themed beer brewed especially for us by Outlander Brewery while you are regaled by readings by, Jenny Zhang, David Schmader, Sarah Galvin, Sonya Vatomsky, James Gendron and our very own Jackson Bennett. It’ll be a haunting evening not to be forgotten!