Jack and Tiffany BennettHaunted Goods: They can be old or new, made of gold and diamond or of simple paper mâché, mass produced or painstakingly hand made. It may be a fragile object d’art or a durable part of everyday life. A haunted good is an object of desire. It is haunted and it haunts. It instills the most sublime awe, even fear in the person that owns it and yet to the one haunted by it, there is nothing so beautifully perfect and comforting.

Jack and Tiffany Bennett of the Nevertold Casket Company have been purveyors of such haunted goods for many many years and have developed a discerning eye for
beautifully strange objects, oddities and things that make one feel delightfully uncomfortable.

Hailing from the middle of nowhere, in the middle of middle America, they have long been steeped in the appreciation of the antiquated beauty that has existed in epochs and pockets in this country and abroad throughout all of humanity’s esoteric history.

In the late 90’s the Bennett’s relocated to Los Angeles where their real immersive education in the unusual began in earnest. From the city’s wide swath of humanity, the gaudiness of post gaudy hollywood and the ticky-tacky wasteland of Southern California they refined their tastes and began to weed out the extraneous and awful and instead to focus on the type of antique that holds intrinsic value but also so much more, that je ne said quoi which we call… Haunted Goods.

After a decade in Seattle we’re happy to finally be able to share with you the ever growing and shifting collection we’ve amassed along the way of our journey through this often amazingly strange human history we’re a part of. Enjoy and stay curious, always.

Jack and Tiffany Bennett
Nevertold Casket Co.