Spoils of a San Pedro Racketeer

Two of the more interesting objects from the estate of a retired Los Angeles homicide detective, a pair of taxidermed fighting cocks complete with razor sharp fighting spurs bound to their legs. A reminder of a horribly cruel past in this country and a worldwide scourge to this day. These birds were appropriated from the effects of a San Pedro racketeer who ran a cock fighting operation as well as drug trafficking and prostitution in the 50’s. Our detective was called in to investigate the murder of said racketeer and took as his trophy these birds. Gauging from the detective’s estate, this was a man who lived and relished his work, taking often morbid mementos from each of his cases. May we all be so lucky to enjoy our work this way and to be surrounded at our end by the things that remind us of our passions.fightingcocks