The newest addition to our family of skulls. This one was removed from an archaeological site in central Mexico in 1952. The seller was then a student working on an anthropology degree and helping with the archaeological dig. Apparently each of the students was allowed to take one home as a keepsake. Oh were it so easy as in the innocence of the 1950’s to be gifted from an archaeological site these possibly pre-Columbian human remains! Despite any of that, one is imbued with a feeling of great history when holding this skull. This person, quite possibly bore witness to the regretted end of his or her civilization at the hands of despotic tyrants. They may have been one of countless human sacrifice made to the Aztec gods. But then they may have been a simple human, working in the world that they knew, wholly unaware of the changes to come both good and bad. Like all skulls, and as the sailors say, dead men tell no tales.