Janus Pig – 1937 – Idaho Falls Idaho – Genetic Mutation of Swine

On a small farm near Idaho Falls in 1937 this, or shall we say, these handsome devils were born in what Dr. Lloyd Schiess signed off on the tag as ‘an otherwise normal litter’. Where normally such an anomaly would garner little more than a grunt and a toss into the nearest waste bin, this one was not. It was sent to the hands of an able if crude, local taxidermist and stuffed for posterity. This type of conjoined twin is called “Janus”, from the Roman god of the same name who was the keeper of transitions and beginnings. Janus, the god is depicted as having two faces, to look to the future and to keep a watchful eye on the past. This pig, born this way, could not know that it would make it so far into the future to be admired so dearly, and as he looks to the past, he sees only the memories of his long gone and forgettably plain brothers and sisters. He stands as a concise reminder to embrace that which is different in yourself, for the comfort of sameness is a wound upon the soul and the mindless prattle of an unwritten epitaph.