The long funeral..

The perpetual wake finally comes to its end. It’s time to drive the nails and close up the casket on the beautiful corpse of Nevertold. Hold dear your post-mortem photos of what was and say goodbye for the last time. There are not words for how special a place Nevertold was to us and I know to some of you… But now we try to eulogize at the graveside. Nevertold was about stories. Your stories and ours and those of people we had never met. It was about the talismanic magic of objects owned and loved and used to make a life worth living. Nevertold allowed us to come together over the commonality of death and the unknown and to expound across the counter as only the strangest of strangers and the loveliest of lovers can. Like all others we exist in a fleeting blink of an eye and persist only in the memories of those we have touched. We will miss all of you and be missed by as many. Come and bear the pall, take us to the green grass of home, lower the casket and throw your handful of dirt. Gone but never forgotten…

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