Bat City Presents..

Nevertold is proud to be involved with Seattle’s Anti-Block Party! Consider this your darker, spookier, and cheaper alternative to the Capitol Hill Block Party. We have crafted these handsome custom casket keychains to be included in gift bags for those who buy a 2-day pre-sale ticket! Only a limited amount left. You’ll also get stuff from Gargoyles Statuary, NYXc gift with Bat Bucks in addition to a $5 coupon. PLUS some BCP & band merch. .

To find out more info on the event click here –

Bat City is always working on bridging the gap between Seattle’s alternative dark communities. Our mission is to cross alternative genres, come together to mobilize our artist, producers, and fans to create an unstoppable, recognizable, alternative community in Seattle. We want to see an all encompassing alternative scene that allows us to support our artists and our venues on a scale that demands attention.