Happy Holidays from Nevertold!

When at last you stand upon the precipice, when your toes curl over the edge and the mysterious beyond stares back at you, you may find as you face eternity, that you don’t give a damn about the Christ being left in Xmas, or which goddess brought you safe and sound through to the new year. You may find that the gifts you gave and received were ultimately meaningless but they stood as tokens of affection to those you wished to keep around you, the only things that matter in this dark winter night of life… The ones you love. Whatever your bent this holiday season be it Hebrew or Cthulhu, Christian or Pagan or something else entirely, keep someone you love close and tell them you love them, really let them know it… You could be gone tomorrowand never have the chance. The box that you’ll be buried in is the box that holds all the things you never told those around you. May your box be ultimately empty and your heart full.

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