This Space Reserved

The story, as told to me by the grandson of the offender, begins in 1918 when said grandfather was but a graduate student at Columbia University in NYC. One winter afternoon he and his cohorts found themselves dead drunk and walking past the Rogers Service Funeral parlor in lower Manhattan which had a service going. Being drunken and young it was decided that each member ought to lift and carry along with them one of the “This Space Reserved, Funeral” signs with them. So they went, absconding with all of them and parading about New York, dropping the signs here and there as whim saw fit. All but this one. This sign was carried all night by said Grandfather. It joined them at bars and that evening at home and upon the morning, there it was, looking back at him, a reminder of his theft staring him baldly in the face. Since then it has been disassembled and carted about the united states and even abroad for a number of years in pieces, as a reminder of moments misspent in youth. Shortly after this the Rogers Service switched to the more common “batwing” design for their signs. Was it because all of their originals had gone missing that cold winter night? I don’t know, but I do know that a sign of this rarity and beauty ought to have a good story to go with it and, this one does.