Throughout history, those seeming to lack in the abilities that most of us enjoy have often had epic lives despite or perhaps even because of their perceived infirmity. Consider the viking leader, warrior and Berserker, Imar Ragnarsson. He is credited with leading the charges that conquered much of present day England in his time. It has been argued that his nickname of “Imar the Boneless” referred to his lack of functioning legs and that his men carried him into battle atop their shoulders, riding on a shield where he fought with twice the fervor of his more mobile compatriots and foes. In more contemporary times we can look to FDR and Steven Hawking for perhaps, unexpected heroes. I’m sure the list is long with luminaries who refused to be held back by their bodies. I’d like to think that this Genco wheelchair, circa 1920, was used not merely to transport the tubercularly infirm to and fro in some sterile environment but rather that it was the vehicle of freedom for a forgotten thinker who had no need of legs to run. Who’s mind had wings to fly. And who Flew higher than many of us will ever dream of. I’d like to think…